Called Out Ministries, Inc.

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We are an evangelistic ministry with a passion to make Jesus real to all the nations of the world.
We are available to preach through many avenues such as church services, out-door crusades, revival meetings, minister conferences, women’s conferences, spiritual warfare conferences, prisons, universities, and radio.

We also have a strong desire to see the church grow. We are a prophetic ministry with a now-word from the Lord for the purpose of equipping the saints to fulfill their ministries. We are doing that through preaching, teaching, audio CD’s, and printed material. Our prayer is that the church take her place of power and influence to bring the person of Jesus to the world. 
For 29 years this ministry has followed the New Testament pattern of Acts 8:5-8. With a passion to win the lost, we preach Jesus (v.5). Privileged to minister in 17 countries, countless souls have heeded the salvation message; hearing and seeing the miracles which have taken place (v.6). Both the oppressed and sick have been healed for the glory of God (v.7). The consistent result is "great joy in the city." 

Rev. Gloria is the founder and president of Called Out Ministries which is a 501(3)(c) non-profit ministry governed by a board of directors.
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